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The Sloth in Me

17 Jan

I have been moving ever so slowly ever since my return on Saturday. It’s at an unbelievable sloth’s pace. Although I feel fine, perhaps I am not quite yet.

I don’t think I should move around too fast or too much because, at times, if I move too fast, my head feels lightheaded!

Sometimes, even at a tortoise’s pace, it’s too much for me. So a sloth I shall be, and a sloth I am until I am off my meds and able to move around more steadily and comfortably.


He’s So Handsome!

21 Jul

Hubby bought a Bushnell binocular over the weekend. He felt it was a practical buy as we could use it to watch our favorite pro golfers, up close, whenever these players are in town for their LPGA or PGA tours.

But we played with it over the weekend, watching our pets up close instead. Happy and Herbie, the tortoises, were let loose in the garden and we used the binocular to observe them. So cool to view them so magnified and see their expressions.

Then I used it on Rooney, official pet number one. Up close, my Roo looked stunning; with his fierce look and folds, it really took my breath away!

He is indeed handsome. Amazing what a binocular can do to make one see their pets differently. It’s very different looking at him with the device compared to an up close face-to-face as details are zoomed in, becoming more pronounced and thus, the appreciation for his dogginess heightened.

I guess I will put it to good use on the pets for now.