It’s So Absurd!

7 Aug

I am still sitting forlornly at Level 635 in Candy Crush. Each day passes with nothing happening. Sigh. And now in Farm Heroes, I am facing an absurd task at Level 416 – obtain 130 apples and 200 strawberries in 19 moves! How? 19 moves… quite impossible and I may be stuck here for some time. Double sigh.

But on a bright side, in Zookeeper Battle, I have achieved a personal best! Recently, with each battle that I won, I would snap a picture to capture my world position; in case I lost and my achievement was not made known. But I kept winning the last few battles, hence I had many victory shots. M1 asked why there’s so many of the same thing in my iPhone5S without realizing the small world ranking detail. For this remark, I’d say none zoo-battlers are forgiven.

Proud to say, at press time, that I am at 31,848 in the world ranking for Zookeeper Battle in the app itself. However, in Game Center, it’s a different rank altogether but I never bother with Game Center anyway.

Prior to this position, I was ranked 33,623; 35,668; 36,495; 39,737; 42,262; 45,231; 48,892; 57,236; 60,426 and 63,870. That’s how many pictures I took with each move up the rankings.

Spot the ranking 31,848!

Spot the ranking 31,848!

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