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London Bound

4 Nov

I woke up at 3.44am, a minute before the alarm rang. The body knows when the situation calls for it. Our pick-up arrived on time, and the journey to the airport was long enough to nap a little for the loss of sleep.

Every step of the way, it was pleasant to start the trip well! And before we knew it, we were boarding! That’s when the hiccups started. Instead of departing as scheduled at 9.05am, the plane pushed off at 9.38am and took off only at 9.55am. A good solid 50 minutes late! Hmm.

Happy travelers!

I was so glad the first meal was served an hour after take-off because I was ravenous! The Airbus A350-900 seating configuration was a three-three-three in the economy section and comfortable enough for us small-sized people. But the comfort level may not be so for a larger built or bigger-sized passenger.

Breakfast on board

Anyway, I watched two movies and slept whenever I could; likewise, hubby and the girls too to pass the time. I lost track of time, and suddenly, the aircraft was descending! Oh yay! We are almost there.

We touched down at 3.22pm local time despite departing 50 minutes late. That’s good. Immigration clearance was smooth, but baggage claim took a little longer. So yay, here we are in London!

Off to See the King!

3 Nov

Today’s the day! We left in the wee hours of the morning. It’s been ages since I last woke up so early, and my usual 5.30 am wake-up for golf pales compared to this ungodly hour. I might as well not sleep and get ready for the airport straightaway.

It will be a long day ahead with our direct flight. I have forgotten what it’s like to be on a long-haul flight. And this journey will take 14 hours and 20 minutes, a little longer than the last time we flew to Amsterdam. Oh boy, my butt and body.

Separately, I’m a little bummed that my Move, Exercise, and Stand activities will be disrupted, thus ending my long record of 1,053 days in the Fitness app on my AppleWatch. Oh well, it is for a good reason; we are off to England, sadly not to see the Queen (God bless her soul) but the new King!


Where’s the Screen?

5 Dec

We took off from KLIA twenty minutes behind schedule. It was a full flight. As always, the girls would sit in the same side with me and hubby in the next row, away from us.

The aircraft was obviously an old one when we buckled up.

“Where’s the screen?” M2 asked.

There was no little screen in front of our seats; no entertainment then. Boo hoo…

Oh well, it’s not a long flight. Soon we will be in Bangkok and that is more important than entertainment on board.

Sadly, service was not up to standard. It was very rushed and disorganized. Thankfully time flew by pretty fast and I could feel the cabin pressure change. We are descending into Bangkok! Yay…



The Bags are Packed! Part 2

5 Dec

I don’t know what happened but my Zookeeper Battle app is not functioning at all on the iPad! Cannot launch at all since last night. But the game (and the other games) would have to take a backseat for now. We are to leave the house at 9.00am sharp to avoid the morning highway jam. You never know what’s ahead (in traffic) when you have a flight to catch!

Hubby and I decided to fly Malaysia Airlines (MH) again, for practicality as far as luggages are concerned. If we opt for the budget AirAsia, every single add on comes at a cost in comparison to the full service MH where all things are included. Sometimes the difference can be minimal or not much, it is better then to go with a full fledge airline to avoid the hassle. Traveling with children is always best with the full service choice.

Where are we going? Aha! Stay tuned…

System Down

6 Oct

The was a power failure last night. The fan went off and it got hot. But when I awoke, the power came back. However, the wifi has been down. It’s our last day at the villa.

We made some new friends with the owner and staff of Villa Thalanena. We have had such a great time and already I am plotting another trip soon, if not to Krabi, at least to Thailand again especially after M1’s big exam.

The final touch to the trip is going home by Business Class! Hubby has outdone himself for us this time. Thank you dear.



Onward to Our Desination

3 Oct

Hubby and I decided to fly Malaysia Airlines to show our support and solidarity with the airline. With the recent two tragedies, we try in our little way to support the national carrier.

Departure was on time and soon, the 737 was descending into Krabi. Whee…

The minute the plane stopped on the tarmac, you can feel the excitement. However, once we got on the bus and into the terminal, the skies opened up and rain came pouring down.

Uh-oh. Not a good start to a sunny holiday. To make matters worse, it was chaotic inside the terminal. There was no proper queue and the passengers just kept piling in. Hmm… a good time to practice patience. After all, we are supposed to be on holiday and shouldn’t be rushing.

The villa is not going to run away.

A Pause in Remembrance

25 Mar

Today I pause and give prayers and thoughts to the families of the passengers on board Flight MH370. It was announced last night that the flight ended in the Indian Ocean.


At the Airport

14 Oct

So we are at the airport already. The new structure is very modern. In daylight now, I do see Balinese elements slowly being incorporated, something that was missed when we arrived in the evening.

There is a pre-scan of bags before we queue at the departure check in counter. Very long line!

Done with all the necessary in an airport, we have a little bit of time to explore. Duty free is sparse and food outlets were none existent. But there’s water dispensing units everywhere.

The airport is huge! Many many times over the old airport. I believe once it’s completed, it would serve the island well.

As I sit here waiting, it is with nice memories of Bali. Goodbye and thanks, hubby and I will definitely return.