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Wave Mom, Wave

11 Jan

When M1 was still around years ago, both girls had the habit of tuning us out with their headphones on especially during exam week. Typically after dinner, both M1 and M2 would be diligently doing their revision at the dining table with their headphones in place.

It was hard enough for me when they’d do the same in the car, headphones in place and I have to wave to get their attention before speaking. It’s the same at home with this habit of theirs to tune me out and I have to wave.

With M1 away at University and only M2 around, she continued to have her headphones plugged in especially during exam week. And she constantly reminded me that I’d have to wave if I want to say something to her. Can I fault her when doing this was for a good cause, studying for the exams?

M2 may be done with school this year, so no more studying at the dining table but she still has her headphones in place these days to watch her videos instead.

The situation may have changed but some things never change and I will surely miss this habit, waving that is, the day she leaves for college.


The School Holidays are Here

19 Mar

The week long school holidays are here and M2 is getting no rest. She will be busy with activities and having replacement classes in school on top of doing her revision at home. As such, we are staying put. It’s okay though because there’s so much to do with so much wood available.

We may indulge her with an occasional dinner outside instead of the usual home-cooked meals or we may even catch a movie, just to give her a little break from all that studying.

“Could You Be a Darling…”

18 May

It’s obvious we have one sassy child at home when she says this to me, “Could you be a darling and bring me a glass of water from the kitchen when you go there?”

I have never, in my life, said such things to Mom when I was studying. Then again, I have never sat at the dining table and studied like how M2 is studying now for her mid-terms.

Exam Week

6 Nov

This whole week M2 is facing her final exams, postponed to this week because of the haze two weeks ago. She has been hard at it, I can see the efforts and determination. Every night after dinner, she would sit at the dining table pouring over the books.

She has also woken up every morning at 4am, an hour better than what M1 used to do, to try to cramp in some last minute studying. This I am not sure works but I can see the efforts. I was never like this even when facing the biggest exams in my life!

I hope all this will not be in vain. Today is the last day.

Going Away is Good

3 Sep

We got home late as expected because of traffic. The three-day weekend ended and holiday-makers, like us, made their way back to the city. Tired and happy that this golf outing was another success, we departed and said our goodbyes in high spirits.

But before the exchange of goodbyes and hugs, there was already talk of planning another trip! I was hesitant and felt that I had to ask my girls first before committing. How times have changed; a parent asking for permission from the child instead of the other way round!

The girls were happy to see us but did not jump for joy as we did not return bearing gifts. They have come to understand that our golf trips sometimes does not result in them receiving a souvenir from the place we were at. In fact, they actually enjoyed our absence. A 3D/2N trip is indeed short and does not make the heart grow fonder.

Some studying was done, school projects were worked on and a friend came over. M1 told me it was good we were away because she got quite a fair bit of school-related issues completed versus if we were to be around and nagged at them.

This is good I guess because this means the thought of no more golfing trips will no longer be an issue. Yay.

Selective Hearing

30 May

M2 has mastered the art of selective hearing recently. Plugged into her music with her big Sony headphones, she would conveniently ignore hubby or me whenever we ask or remind her on school assignments for the day.

However, she can amazingly pick up key words, mind you the headphones are still in place, whenever M1 shares stories with us on the latest developments in school, be it news or gossip!

Hubby concluded it is definitely selective hearing.