An Unexpected Scare

4 Apr

Last week, I had a Covid scare. It was a sudden attack of severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, and joint aches, symptoms akin to being Covid-positive. It never occurred to me that it could be food poisoning because, with the current pandemic, any illness contracted points to the possibility of being Covid-positive.

The joint pains threw me off as I don’t remember food poisoning having this symptom, and I was in too much pain to bother to google, hence the fear of being Covid-positive. Although I was not running a fever nor having any sore throat, these symptoms were on the Covid-positive watch list. Yikes.

I felt terrible as I lost my appetite, and it was hard to muster up any energy to stay afloat because the cramps were very intense. So off to bed early after downing charcoal pills and pain killers. What other medications could I take? And sleeping off the discomfort and agony was the only solution.

The next day after feeling slightly better, I did a home self-test to assure myself I was not C-positive. And thank goodness, the result was negative. I merely had a horrid case of food poisoning.

The positive from this unpleasantry other than the self-test result is the loss of several pounds! I have been trying to shed some pounds over the past month with morning walks, and this happened instead. Not the proper method to lose weight, but I survived, so yay. I hope from here on I don’t gain them back! And I should be even more careful with my food intake to avoid a repeat of this unexpected scare.

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