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A Pesky Problem, Part 2

29 Jul

Who would have thought that a simple and affordable repellent works? Our recent bat repellent, consisting of a stick-on hook to hang the mothball, has been effective!

Soon after we set up the repellent, hubby managed to clean off the stains on the floor. And I’ve been sweeping the area clean to monitor the situation. Immediately, we could see the results.

There were no further droppings of any kind, fruits or seeds, in the area. Wow, if we had known about this much earlier! Nonetheless, it is better to fix the pesky problem now than never.

A Pesky Problem

26 Jul

We have had this pest problem for some time, but we never did anything about it. Recently, the situation got to us because it’s driving us batty literally. A bat or bats are hanging out in front of the house, and there is evidence of their existence. On the ceiling, there are claw scratches. And on the porch floor, messy stains of droppings and fruit seeds. The floor stains are hard to clean off – that’s the most annoying part!

We decided to do something to deter these night critters from hanging out at our place and creating a further mess. And Google is the best place to search for ideas. I found several methods like nets, sound, and scent. Using scent is the least expensive but most effective, specifically, mothballs!

All these repellent methods are not that difficult, and we opted for the scent method, being the most effective. We managed to fix a hook on the ceiling close to the perching spot with some MacGyver methods. And a mothball disc is now hanging there.

Let’s hope this works! In the meantime, we will have to monitor the place to see if there are any new droppings after cleaning up the area.

Protecting Our Fruits

22 Mar

There is something else other than the garden squirrels in our garden. The fruits on the papaya tree, while still on the tree, were eaten, and we were mildly irked by this discovery. So, we decided to do something about it. As there are quite a few fruits on the tree, we had to protect them.

Hubby said it could be a civet cat as the bite and claw marks on the recently eaten papaya were too big to be that of a squirrel. Further evidence is some orange-colored poop left on the retaining wall. How dare this uninvited intruder? Hrmph.

And so, I used some leftover wire mesh and covered the fruits from being a buffet offering. I think I did a good job.

Take that, you uninvited intruder!

Pesky Intruders Again

24 Jul

Last weekend when we were away, we had some pesky four-legged intruders. They were making themselves at home in the wet kitchen area. How did we know? Put it this way, they left evidence here and there: droppings or should I say, poop. Ugh.

So we had to trap them, otherwise, they’d get too daring and cause a lot of problems. On the first night, however, an unlikely intruder was nabbed! A squirrel. Eeesh… Not the culprit we were hoping for, and hubby lets it go.

Then for two nights in a row, the trap that was set up was successful in trapping a young rat each night. Let’s hope this puts an end to unwanted pesky intruders.

An Intense Battle

28 Mar

When we drove the girls around my old hometown to see my past homes, house number three brought back one distinct memory…

It was a dark and rainy night (cliche, I know. I couldn’t resist), I was 17 and home alone. I cannot recall where Mom and Dad were but I was in a midst of an intense battle. A rat ran into the living room and scared the guts out of me. But somehow I caught a second wind to fight back! No furry pest was going to do me in.

I reached for the closest thing, an umbrella and a bottle of mosquito spray, Shelltox!(rebranded to Shieldtox now) Yes, mosquito spray and started fogging up the living room and beating the heck out of the rat! Sweat beaded my forehead, legs trembling and I was having an adrenaline rush.

It ran. Behind the cupboard and under the chairs but I gave chase. Sprayed the bottle out of fear and poked with a degree of madness. I think I was possessed. The rat scurried to the bathroom and I think I used up the whole bottle of spray! After that, it was all a blur.

The next day, when I told Mom about it, I think she found the groggy pest in the bathroom. When I think about it now, I can laugh but back then, it’s amazing that I was that brave. For someone who jumps at lizards, it was quite a feat. Would I do it again if faced with the same scenario now? I gotta be possessed to even pull it off!