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Itsy Bitsy It Ain’t

3 Jan

There is a new resident living with us! And it’s a creepy crawly long-legged spider. Yikes. While it looks like a Daddy Long Leg species, I suspect it may not be. I tried googling what species, and so far, it’s not easy to narrow down.

Ain’t no Itsy Bitsy spider

I dare not approach the spider any closer to take a better picture for fear it may jump at me. Then again, if it did, would I be empowered with superhero spider power? Hehehe.

One thing is for sure the critter is not an itsy bitsy spider because the legs are darn long, and it looks scary. Shudder.

Gone to the Dark Side

3 May

We were minding our business, having our sandwiches and coffee for lunch when I looked over to the next table. Omg! The little boy in the high chair had a Darth Vader Minion wind-up figurine. It was soooo cute – the toy, not the boy. Spidey Minion was also present but Darth Minion caught my eye.

I whispered to hubby to look over but be discreet and don’t stare. I told him, I had to have it too, the Darth Minion figurine! So in between mouthful of sandwiches, I declared we had to make an impromptu stop at Toys’r’Us before going to the pet shop.

Thank goodness it wasn’t necessary because when we stepped out of the sandwich shop, the weekend flea market vendor several steps away had Darth Minion on display. I quickly grabbed it before the kid in front of me could. It was evil.

Bwahahaha… once in a while, there is satisfaction by going over to the dark side.


How can this adorable face be evil?


Captain Underpants Strikes Again!

21 Jun

Captain Underpants seems to be a more revered superhero than say, Spiderman or Superman, although at one point, there were several sets of Spidey pyjamas in the wardrobe. Thank goodness only M2 reads the Underpants series.

It was the good Captain’s influence that this incident happened.

One night M2 wanted to pull a prank on M1 by placing two folded packets of ketchup under the toilet seat. Thinking that M1 will use the bathroom at midnight, she thought it was a brilliant prank!

But hubby made M2 use the bathroom instead. You could say the hubby was not amused when two little explosions went off!

I did not find out about this little backfired prank until much much later.