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DIY Project #15, Part 2

12 Jul

Working on two craft hobbies in tandem is not a good idea, I have to admit. Alternating between the DIY miniature project number 15 and the Gnome Trio carvings is more time-wasting and derailed my progress for both.

In the end, I chose to focus on the miniature to complete it because firstly, it is almost at the tail-end, and secondly, it is one piece as opposed to the three pieces of carving.

And over the weekend, I completed DIY project number 15, one day shy of three weeks’ duration. I modified things a little on the set to my preference instead of following the suggested layout as I felt the modification is more practical for the bedroom setting kit. I’m pleased with the result.

A very sweet bedroom setting
A bird’s eye view

Now that the miniature is complete, I will channel my energy towards the gnome carvings again. And when gnomes are ready, I will start with DIY miniature project number 16! Woo hoo, on a roll here to get out of that Groundhog Day feeling.

DIY Project #15

6 Jul

Soon after completing the Gnome Trio, I started on the next miniature, DIY project number 15. Initially, it started at a good pace, but I got distracted again. I was having fun with the Gnome Trio, placing them at all possible sites in the house. I wanted to have their visual presence felt.

DIY project #15

But they dwarfed in comparison to the walls of the house. What I thought was big of the carved piece turned out minuscule! So I was determined to ensure the gnomes are more visual. Hence, I deviated from DIY #15 and started on a new set of gnome carvings that are double the original in size.

New gnomes are 8” tall, twice the height of the Trio

Three separate pieces this time, I have been working on them simultaneously. During the day, I would be at the garden terrace carving, hammering, and shaping the gnomes. And during the evenings, I am inside the house working, albeit slowly, on DIY project number 15.

And with the EMCO still ongoing, I think this routine is good to keep busy. And yes, I do cook to feed the family too.

The Gnome Trio has overshadowed DIY project #15

The Gnome Trio

21 Jun

Last two weeks, I took a break from building miniatures and carved instead. I must say, it has turned out good this divergence. However, my tools are very trying. They are not as sharp as before, and it has been a challenge to get things right.

From the initial outline of the Gnome Trio, the outcome has evolved as I progress along. Delicate parts broke off when I exerted too much strength. As such, I had to modify the shape along the way.

The Gnome Trio

But I don’t think one can tell, especially if I don’t have the original picture next to the finished piece. It looks good, and I’m pleased with my efforts.

Over the weekend, I completed the tail-end of some more detailing work. Then I did a little more sanding down before applying a coat of gesso. I’m at the tail-end of adding colors before the final touch of a varnish finish.

Gesso for a white base then the signature red cap for all three!

And voila! The Gnome Trio will be at the front of the house proudly.

DIY Project #14 or 12B, Part 3

11 Jun

I breezed through DIY project number 14 or 12B effortlessly. I guess when I put all my energy and focus into it, the job gets done faster. Despite it being a complicated set, it was challenging yet enjoyable, and I finished it in 13 days. Quite a feat, I’d say.

Welcome to my Bookstore!
Lovely angles of the Bookstore

But soon after the completion, I decided to take a break from building miniatures. And instead, I channeled my creativity back to carving! It felt good.

Not whales because I ran out of the specific wood size, nor Citizens of Gigglesville but Gnomes, albeit a different approach. I found a forgotten piece of wood and decided to carve three Gnomes in one go.

A trio of Gnomes!

It has been very exhilarating to carve again. My progress so far is pretty good, and as I anticipate the MCO will extend for another 14 days until the end of the month, I can get this display piece completed in no time. Awesome.

Why Not, Part 2

7 Sep

In between the thoughts for a new Citizen of Gigglesville, new paintings that I want to do, I have been thinking about the little door idea for our frangipani tree. If the squirrels do not appreciate it, at least I have a fantastic backdrop to create a real Gigglesville township!

So I googled up some ideas and stumbled upon gnomes and fairy garden doors. The fairy doors were awesome ideas that opened up a whole new world of possibilities. How exciting!

I hope this will materialise into something concrete rather than just being an idea.

We shall see…