The Big Gnome Trio

20 Jul

Alternating between DIY project number 16 is the big Gnome Trio. I stopped working on them earlier to focus on DIY project number 15. And when number 15 was complete, I jumped back into carving for a bit before starting on number 16.

These days, I find myself alternating between projects again, even though I decided not to do so earlier. But I can’t help myself because I think all three gnomes can complete at the same time with DIY project number 16. We shall see how it goes.

Gnome One of three is complete and ready; Gnome Two has some fine-tuning before the gesso stage. Gnome Three needs a little bit more woodwork before the subsequent few processes to complete. Generally, I am pleased with the progress of all the Gnomes.

Coming along with the carvings!

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