DIY Project # 16

19 Jul

DIY project number 16 is a tiny kit, micro to be specified. I dived into it after working on the big Gnome Trio for a bit. I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong. Thankfully, the instruction manual is in English and relatively easy to understand.

The lighting plan

The wiring work was so complicated. This miniature is the first one where the lights had a trail plan to set up. It is thoughtful of the manufacturer to include a battery in the battery pack to make things easier. After following the instructions thoroughly, I must say, it turned out well.

Inch tall room and micro furniture pieces!

The biggest challenge here is that the pieces are far smaller than what I have handled before. They are not just tiny but micro tiny! So I find myself using the tweezer more to pick up parts to glue; quite a change from all the previous work, and I find myself sighing a fair bit whenever things don’t go as planned. There were times when there is more glue on my fingers than on the pieces themselves.

Two floors completed!

Micro as it is, I foresee completing this set within a short time frame.

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