Alternating Between Projects

23 Jul

Alternating between projects this time around is good. There is much progress for the Gnome Trio and DIY project number 16. I stopped project number 16 for the time being because I’m at the part where I have to make the plants, and this step looks very tedious. So I’m stalling.

It’s coming along!

I decided to work on Gnome Two, and it is looking great. Gnomes One and Two have just the varnishing process to be finally complete. Gnome Three, however, still has the work cut out for me. There is one section that needs carving, then the sanding, patching, and painting. It’s okay as the processes are enjoyable.

The Gnome Trio

Upon completing all three Gnomes, I need to find the focus to jump back into making those tiny plants for project number 16. Slowly but surely, my projects occupying my time to weather through this lockdown which is never-ending. Sigh.

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