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An Interesting Morning

27 Dec

The al fresco breakfast place was a short drive away. Tucked in a corner of the parking lot adjacent to the housing flats, we found a table. While everyone had coffee and Roti Canai, I took only two bites of Roti and had a cup of hot tea, served with ice on the side. Interesting.

Nasi lemak, Roti Canai, a frothy milk coffee and my tea, ice on the side

M1 decided to try the packet Nasi Lemak which turned out to be more of a Rice with Curry Chicken than Nasi Lemak with the usual cucumber, anchovies, peanuts and egg condiments.

After breakfast, we drove to the morning market for some fresh coconut and to our delight, the fishmonger was in action, descaling a huge 18 kilos grouper. What a sight! It has been an interesting morning.

All Good on the Home Front

5 Jul

Now that the bag delay issue is settled, there are other matters to tend to.

Official pet number one, Rooney, was confused then happy to see us when we got home. Generally all was good on the home front except for two things – the Marimo Moss balls and the cocoon still hanging on the tree in front of the house.


He loved his new chew toy

The moss balls would need some serious TLC to recover as they have turned brown but this wouldn’t be an issue to revive them. The cocoon is quite a challenge though. It’s been too long at this stage. Did we miss the emerging moment and deceived by the cocoon shell, still hanging up there? Maybe I should brave climbing up the tall ladder to have a closer look. Hmm…

I’m glad I didn’t gain too much weight, only a pound. I thought it would be more considering the 16/8 diet was thrown out the window the minute we arrived at KLIA and had a beer and indulged in snacks at the Premier Lounge before we boarded.

It wasn’t just the things we ate in the US but when we ate which was always late dinners past seven and sometimes even nine or ten at night, hardly at five or six like we normally do back home. And I ate breakfast constantly eating because it was cold and I needed food to fuel the body to keep warm.

Being back means being back to routine and I am pretty sure that extra pound will be shed in no time especially once I get over my jet lag. So it’s great that all’s good on the home front.

I Can’t Go Dutch

14 Feb

I love cheese I must admit and I miss eating cheese because of this darn Endometriosis. These days I avoid cheese if possible because I know I will get an instant bad reaction if I ate it. And the consequences from it is not pleasant, so why subject myself to suffering?

Prior to discovering my problem, I ate cheese on a daily basis for my breakfast. From Emmental, Gouda to Camembert and Brie, I had these choices to my fill, more than Mozzarella, Cheddar and others.

Recently, I was at the grocery store and I saw a pack of cheese which I have never tried before. The big print word “Dutch” caught my eyes more than the small sentence that followed below. Torn between risking a reaction and wanting to try out of curiosity, I bought the pack.

And suffered the consequences when I ate it several days later. Sigh… I can’t go Dutch, it hurts my tummy.


Know Your Breakfast Hours

15 Dec

I saw the signage the day before and decided that we should all wake up earlier than normal for an early breakfast before the crowd. It wasn’t easy because being on holiday, the tendency to sleep in is very strong.

We got there slightly before 8.30am and managed to get a table for a leisurely paced breakfast despite the noise and people building up. And the best part, the sun is out! Yay.

Needless to say, we will be lounging and doing nothing for the next few hours… I love Penang.

To the Dentist, Part 3

27 Oct

My tooth’s filling fell out again over the weekend! The top right premolar. This time I am not sure how or what. There was no crunch sound nor any remnants of a tooth filling in the mouth.

I don’t think my Sunday morning breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast, followed by some crackers caused it. Something definitely came off because I can feel the irritating small gap with the tip of my tongue.

Sigh. Another visit to the dentist soon.


Worse Than 5.30am

5 Jul

When one travels for golf, the normal wake up time is 5.30am. But today, it is worse than 5.30, we had a 4.45am wake up call! My goodness. Why at this horrid ungodly hour?

Well, we have to take in breakfast then the bus ride to the golf course. Today, we tee off at 6.54am, the main reason for waking up so early. The golf course had better be worth it.

The Breakfast Test

23 Jun


Do you realize that those breakfast menus that you find available in hotel rooms, either hanging at the doorknob or placed on the table, are fun things? When the girls were younger and we traveled without them, we always made it a point to bring this home for them.

The menu was known as ‘The Breakfast Test’ because looking like a test paper, it was a ‘challenge’ to fill in the blanks and check the boxes, like in a real exam except that there’s never a wrong answer! Such a confidence booster to prep for real exams. Back then, it was such a big deal and something both girls looked forward to having besides the usual gifts galore.

They are much older now and sadly, this little fun thing to do seems trivial to them now.


Day Two Activities

6 Nov

Wake up call was ridiculously early! My roomie woke up even before the call came through. Packed and changed for today’s golf game at Rancho Charnvee, we trotted through the resort to breakfast.

The Kirimaya Clubhouse is also another laid back atmosphere. overlooking the driving range. Breakfast was typical with my eggs and bacon. Everyone ate their fill in preparation for the morning game.

Soon the vans came and by 7.30am we were on our way.







Gotta Have Eggs

12 Oct

Gotta have eggs to enjoy the view.