An Interesting Day, Part 2

27 Dec

Today we have taken several boats and a sampan to get to our destination. And going to the restaurant on Turtle Island in a horse-drawn carriage topped it all.

The restaurant was obviously set up with tourists in mind. There was a quirky sign near the toilets. Apparently it’s for the adventurous to clean themselves up after trying their hands at catching fishes in the designated ponds. 

Lunch was plentiful; we seem to be feted a lot for our arranged meals. After the meal, we wandered around the area to look at the animals on display instead of lounging in the ready hammocks. Grandmother tales say one should not lie down or be horizontal after a hearty meal. Besides fishes and turtles, there were alligators, toads, porcupines, snakes and more fishes.

A couple more boat rides and a short stop to see the Laughing Buddha at the Vinh Trang Pagoda, we soon were headed back to the city.

By 5.15pm we were back at the hotel. It has been an interesting day. We shall rest now and go out later this evening to see what we fancy as far as food is concerned as I opted not to have an arranged dinner tonight. 


Our transport to the restaurant


My first beer of this trip!


Waiter adding veg into the catfish soup



This was lunch!


Tons of toads! Rrbb bitt



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