An Interesting Day

27 Dec

I dozed off in the van during the hour and a half journey because traffic was heavy even on the highway. Eventually we arrived.

And we had quite a morning at the Mekong River. The first stop was at the Eco Bee Farm and we sampled some honey. And had some fruits while being serenaded by the local singers at the second stop before we took the sampan.

Walking along the path on the island, there were many vendors selling local fruits and crafts. We strolled along, stopping at the Coconut Candy-making attraction. The coconut ice cream was very refreshing!


At the jetty


Waiting for Boat #9


Safety first with life vests buckled on


Our tourguide showing us the bees


The bees sure are friendly


A closer look


Sampling the honey with some titbits


The mixture of honey, pollen, lime and tea


Mango, Papaya, Dragon fruit, Watermelon & Pineapple



This colorful fruits are cocoa


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