Temple Club

28 Dec

Upon the suggestion of a friend, we opted to go to Temple Club for dinner over Pho 2000, famed for its Bill Clinton visit.

When we told the girls, M2 was like “Huh?! Is it a temple or a club?” Hahaha… sometimes I forget the baby of the family is still a baby.

It was a nice walk to the restaurant because the weather was cool. On our way, we passed the night street market and made an impromptu purchase. Braving to cross the busy streets and junctions, we soon found the place. 

The ambience was pretty cozy. We did not make any reservations so we had wait but only for a short while before we were seated.

However for such a fancy place, our table was pretty warm and there were no cloth napkins. When we asked about the heat, the waiter said the air con was not working! Huh?! How is this even possible? As for the napkins, he brought out one piece for the four of us and told us they ran out of clean ones! Unbelievable. 

Hubby had checked TripAdvisor and Travel&Leisure prior to making the decision to come here and both rated this place well. Contrary to this and the raves from our friend, our experience was a big let down. Certainly not what we expected.

The waiter did turn on the fan and brought out some paper napkins but mood was marred by then. The food somewhat made up for the situation but the ambience and service certainly was a disappointment.

One certainly would call if reservations are required but to ask whether the air-conditioning works, nobody does that. They need to work on their service and attitude to be better. We wouldn’t go back again nor would we recommend despite the good food if they don’t improve.


The drink choices


Mango salad


Temple Club platter


Sauteed squid with white pepper


Duck in orange sauce


Grilled fish


2 Responses to “Temple Club”

  1. Moses and Mulan December 28, 2016 at 5:43 am #

    at least the food was good ๐Ÿ˜

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