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16 Dec

Hubby just cannot stand the fact that the little aquarium remain unoccupied after the demise of Luna. Even I felt it too as every evening when I walk up the stairs from the living room, the empty aquarium sitting at my ascending path looked… well, empty.

So prior to M1’s return, he bought some cute fat fishes to fill it up. But the innocent looking fishes were not so innocent. They were rather carnivorous, devouring each other up! As days passed, one by one met their untimely departure. Horrified, he decided to change plans and gave in to getting a crayfish again.

And not only he bought one, this time he bought three! Yup, three crayfishes. I was speechless.

But these newbies are full of character and voracious too. One of them quickly made short work of the dead fishes that we have yet to get rid of! Smaller in size compared to Luna, I decided to name the three, Tuna 1, Tuna 2 and Tuna 3, just to rhyme with Luna’s name.


Spot the Tuna’s!


Tuna 1 having a feast