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Spring Cleaning

1 Dec

It sure is nice when one does spring cleaning and stumble upon nostalgic things.

Every year, at the end of the school year, we would do a spring cleaning at home especially to gather all the school text books to give away. Usually we would pass them on to friends who have kids who could use the books the following school year. This year M2 and I decided to also clear out some old toys.

My goodness! Over the years, my two girls have acquired quite a fair bit of toys and plushies. They are much older now and hardly play with these anymore. So it’s time to give these away. I would vet through the conditions before putting them in the ‘give away’ box.

And from the nightly efforts, I discovered some of MY old toys! My Playmobil set. My goodness. I have kept them all these years, hoping my children would play with them. And they did.

It was pretty nostalgic. We had fun playing with them! And yes, we are still keeping them.