A New Way to Eat Durian

29 Jun

Recently I discovered a new way to eat durian. With disposable gloves, something I have never used before in all my previous durian experience.

A week ago, we did our Tuesday Food Club outing with the regular friends and after dinner, adjourned to the durian stalls nearby. It has been a bumper harvest this year and the place was crowded. 

We sat at the table and a box of disposable gloves was available for use. There’s no need to just use our bare fingers to hold the fruit and then have the pungent smell stuck on our fingers. It was strange to a certain extent to be using gloves because it takes the finger-licking experience out of the art of eating durian.

But use the gloves we did. Which was a good thing because I did not see a wash sink within the area. The durians were good, the company great and the smells kept checked from the fingers after the meal.

Can’t wait for the next durian outing.


Suit up the hand!


Now hold your durian and smile!


Dinner was good. Burp.


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