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Something’s Wrong

1 Jun

There’s something wrong with the latest Candy Crush update for the iPad Mini. It is not stable on the device (but okay in Facebook on the laptop). Over the weekend whenever I launch the app on my device, the game appears right at the beginning at Candy Town, Level 1! This has never occurred before.

It is mildly annoying because I have to scroll to get to where I am. And at Level 942, that’s a lot of scrolling to do. What’s even more annoying is when I click on lives sent by friends to use, after my five rounds, it goes back to Candy Town and I have to scroll all over again! Aargh. had better fix this glitch soon. But luckily, I have completed the episode, Minty Meadow, so I don’t have to deal with this until the next update. I shall play Cookie Crossing on the laptop. Am now at Level 951.