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Tradition Continues

22 Jun

Every year when the Dumpling Festival comes around, Mom would painstakingly make the effort to make the dumplings or what we call ‘Bak Chang’ in the Hokkien dialect. She would always make the Nyonya ‘chang’ for me as it is my favorite. 

But every year when she makes them, she would highlight the tedious efforts taken and declare that it would be the last time she’s making them. This went on for the last several years.

Last year with M1 still around, she taught her the skills on how to make ‘changs’. And I would just wait to eat them when they are ready. I’m terrible, I know.

This year, things have changed. With M1 away and I have never, all these years, picked up the skills from Mom to master to carry on this tradition, it looked like we would not have homemade ‘changs’ to eat. And I dared not open my mouth to request from Mom.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that there are some to eat. The elder twin niece had complained that purchased ‘changs’ do not taste as good as Grandma’s recipe. And she took it upon herself to carry on the tradition with Grandma supervising her on the side.

Thank goodness for nieces, I have my homemade Nyonya ‘changs’ to savor!