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Finally A Haircut

23 Jun

Last week during the slow week, I managed to schedule an appointment for a haircut. After three and a half months (my longest stretch ever) since my last visit to the salon, the unruly mop of hair has been tamed and it felt good. I must admit, I did snip at my mop twice because the length was irritating me.

The visit was quick and short, and I had my stylist cut it very short in case there’s another lockdown and we cannot venture beyond a certain distance. You’d never know what with the virus ever-changing and cannot be contained still.


Getting Fitter

19 Jun

Life under RMCO has become quite enjoyable, although it is worrying at the same time too. There’s hardly enough work at the office to keep me busy, so I end up playing more golf to pass my time to balance all that cooking and cleaning. Then there are the DIY houses to finish up on days when I am neither in the office nor the golf course.

Last weekend, I managed to walk 18-holes on both days, carrying my bag with ten clubs. Then on Tuesday, I played 18, using the buggy at the Lakes course and walked 18 again on Thursday at the Hills course.

In between the golf days, I went into the office twice.

The coming weekend is without a doubt another two rounds of 18 carrying my bag. Yes, I am getting fitter and very pleased about it.


I Need a Haircut

1 May

I have never gone past seven weeks for a haircut but alas, it’s been nine weeks since my last haircut on 28 February! With the MCO in place since 18 March, my hair has grown to become an awful length and mess. I cannot stand it. Ugh!

One day I decided to tie the front of my mop to be what we affectionately call a ‘coconut tree’. One day during our daily video call with M1, who’s doing good in the US, she decided to make fun of my new hairdo. See what happens when getting a haircut is not an option?


I think the first thing I’d like to do when the MCO is lifted is to get the mop fixed. I can’t wait…

Life is Short, Paint Your Toes

26 Mar

Out of the blue, I decided to pamper myself and have a pedicure done (something that I have never indulged before) instead of the usual facial treatment or body massage. And had the shock of my life.

The pedicure treatment cost an arm and a leg!!! My goodness. It was almost three times more than my haircut and my haircut is not cheap despite the style being short and plain, if you can even call the short crop a fashionable style. Then again if I had inquired about the cost beforehand, I wouldn’t do it.

Well, my toes look pretty now because life is short and one ought to paint their toes.

What a Show Off

16 Jan

I was at the hair salon last Friday to get a haircut in preparation for Chinese New Year and there was this lady, sitting on the opposite side and being such a show off in her conversation.

Yes lady, I heard you when you bragged loudly about the gemstone you intend to purchase.

Yes, I heard you when you asked if the stone was 12 carats and gushed about the color and clarity of it.

Yes, I also heard when you praised the vendor for the quality of the gemstone yet complained that the price was exorbitant.

Gee… There was no one else besides me and my regular hairdresser, you didn’t have to speak so loudly to let me know. Unfortunately I heard you loud and clear even though I did not want to.

Any person doing something like this should just be discreet. Openly bragging would just invite trouble.

Who was she trying to impress? Certainly can’t be me? I should have plugged my earphones in to drown out the conversation. It was distracting my reading the gossip tabloid about the UK Royals.

When I was done and at the counter to pay, there she was again, at my side, talking loudly. This time it was about a 15-carats stone.

What an obvious show off.

Mushroom Head

6 Feb

As Chinese New Year is just around the corner, getting a haircut is one of the preparations. I visited my stylist three days ago, seven weeks from the last visit (I go for my haircut every six to seven weeks). For someone with short hair, that’s a lot of trips to the hairdresser in a year compared to the two girls with long hair. They have their haircut twice or maybe three times a year.

Whenever I come back with my usual short hairdo, it hardly gets noticed and when the girls do notice, they’d say,”Oh. You got your mushroom head!”


This time, thank goodness they did not pass the mushroom head comment but instead admired the new color of the hair.

What’s with the Hair?

29 Jan

When I was little, I had short hair. When I grew up, I still have short hair. My mother never made a fuss about my short hairstyle. Fast forward to me being a mother now with two girls.

And long hair!

Eeeks! Where did they get that inkling to want long hair? My mother has short hair, my mother-in-law has short hair and my hubby hardly has hair. Yet both M1 and M2 have abundance of hair! The ironic part is they chose to have it long yet they complain about how it takes forever to blow-dry after a wash; sometimes even questioning how come mine dries so fast. Gee, I wonder why.

I feel it’s cumbersome to have so much hair to wash and maintain especially for young people. So it’s a constant battle when it comes to grooming. I am always threatening to have 4 inches off their heads while they would negotiate for it to be only an inch or two off. Someone will always end up unhappy leaving the salon, I tell you.

Amazingly, last week when M2 made a trip to the saloon, she agreed to have 4 inches off but wished it was another inch or two cut off after coming home! Interesting.

Maybe she has come to her senses to have shorter hair. Dare I hope she may want a short hairstyle like me? It remains to be seen. M1, however, still has her precious locks intact.

Will Grandma Disown Us?

24 Apr

It was during the family’s triple birthday celebration dinner at a Thai restaurant in early April when Grandma, my mom, commented to my girls about a patron with blue hair.

“Look at that!” she hissed forcefully to get my girls’ attention. Both girls looked.

“How frightening. Almost ghoulish!” Mom shook her head and dramatically shivered to emphasize her point.

It was pretty obvious mom did not think too highly of a blue-headed fashion statement. Later that night, my girls were sharing this with me and we all agreed Grandma was just very opinionated about certain things in life, hair color being one of them. Two weeks passed by and for us, it was quickly forgotten until last week.

I was due for my haircut. Every 6 or 7 weeks, I’d go for a haircut with alternate visits highlighting my hair. So the night before my appointment, I was just mentioning to the girls.

“I’m off to cut my hair tomorrow! And what color should I highlight my hair this time?” I asked.

“Blue!” suggested M1 playfully.

“Orange!” was M2’s choice.

“Blue! Are you sure? Grandma would disown me! But I don’t think I should go orange either,” I chuckled as we all remembered the triple birthday celebration incident.

M1 asked, “If Grandma disowned you, does this mean she disowns us too?”

Gosh. That’s deep and profound.

“Let’s not have it come to this. Let’s stick to the usual safe brown, ok?” I reassured her in the end.

So no funny colors, just the usual cut and rich mahogany highlights.