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End of the Adventure

16 Nov

It has been a whirlwind trip for us, with the big city lights, attractions, crowds, sights, cold, smells, food, wind, graduation, colder temperatures, sceneries, and smells.

We took it all in stride. When we see what the other side of the world faces daily, I think it makes us appreciate our home more.

The cold weather and the wind were a challenge. And wearing four to five layers is not something we enjoy doing, but we have to do it to stay warm. The wind is the killer factor, and that makes it unbearable at times.

The graduation ceremony was the highlight of the trip. It is hard to describe our pride and joy in seeing our baby receive her degree. A new exciting chapter awaits her life.

As much as we enjoy going on an extended holiday, I’m glad our adventure is coming to an end. We now have to prepare for hot and humid conditions back home. It will be uncomfortable to readjust, but we have had enough of the cold and wind.

Goodbye Ireland, we leave with good memories.

Beyond 1000 Days

22 Jul

I must say I didn’t let go of the Daily Bonus trek when I was traveling to the US. It’s amazing that the chain didn’t break for both the iPad Mini and iPhone XR even with all that different time zones when we were flying. But sadly, the chain broke for the iPhone5S because I did not bring the phone along as a spare. There was no need for it especially when it had all this battery problems.

As for the Daily Bonus pursuit, basically all I did was checked both devices after 24 hours when there was wifi connection. Sure enough, the chain continued! Woo hoo…

So as of today, both are on Day 1064. Crazy….

Let’s Play Golf!

25 Jun

The mini golf yesterday was quite enjoyable. I think the last time we did a round of mini golf was ages ago when hubby and I went to Florida for vacation. Of course during that time, it was just the two of us.

I looked at the score card and had a good laugh. If only our usual games are like that! What pros we were coming back with 11 pars and two birdies (for me) and nine pars and a birdie for hubby. M1 was not quite the golfer unfortunately.

Today we will play a real round of golf. Let’s see the scores after that…

Ugh! Monday

17 Dec

It’s always the case of needing another vacation to recover from the vacation that just concluded. Ugh! Monday.

The journey home yesterday took longer than necessary – five and a half hours, almost akin to our annual Chinese New Year trip back from hubby’s hometown up North. And this was from Penang which should be shorter. There were two stretches where the crawl was just so tiring and the rain didn’t help. After three hours, we changed drivers.

And the rain continued all the way home. Not feeling refreshed but quite the opposite, I did not even unpack, leaving it to today. Ugh! Monday and we have to be in the office.



The Energy is Sapped

24 Mar

It’s interesting to note when one goes on vacation, the level of energy is always high and charged up even though sleep is insufficient and complete rest is lacking during the whole time. The minute one gets home, a sense of the oncoming familiarity kicks in with the thought of an uninterrupted sleep ahead yet the energy is sapped.

I guess when the vacation is over and faced with going back to work, responsibilities and routine, the enthusiasm is at a different level. No wonder people always say another vacation is needed to recover from the just concluded one.

Candy Crush on Hold

5 Nov

Candy Crush finally updated its app for the iPad (last Friday) but see I told you, I passed the chapter and it’s no use for me, I still have to wait for the next update.

It is indeed one chapter at a time and I am way ahead at the next chapter at level 466. Sigh.

Well, I am going to put it on hold for the next few days as things need to be prioritize, I have some serious golf games and fun ahead to be enjoyed.

Here I Go Again

5 Nov

The phone call came close to two months ago. I was in the midst of a discussion with my team of designers when the invite was thrown at me if I’d like to join for an upcoming golfing trip. Ooh… It was so tempting. The discussion had to be halted and a quick decision had to be made.

Right after the quick decision and some back and forth, the number 54 was somehow stuck in my head when I outlined the itinerary on TripIt to share with the whole group. This was the number of days until the trip.

Fast forward to today. Where did 54 days go?

So here I am sitting in the Premier Lounge with partial of the group (there’s 11 of us) laughing and carefree, enjoying the benefits of the lounge at KLIA before boarding. The group is not new in friendship as mentioned before but new for me in traveling together with them. My previous overseas golf excursions has always included hubby and just another couple. This time, the numbers are bigger.

There’s 3 couples and 5 ladies, myself included. At the eleventh hour, the 12th person pulled out due of work commitment that was unavoidable. It was too late to get a replacement and our golf tour coordinator, cuegolf.com, was very efficient and professional to readjust things for us.

So Thailand, here we come!