A Lighter Bag, Part 2

7 Apr

Now that we are back in town, I wonder if I should play my next golf game using only nine clubs instead of 14. Hmm. Well, I could still bring 14 clubs but stick to this new game plan of using only nine. Driver off the deck again instead of the 3-wood for my second shots on a long Par 5? Hahaha, how fun!

But even then, when I had nine clubs, I did not use all of them. I used a maximum of five clubs! When there are fewer choices to consider, the mistakes are lesser. Will I learn from this and play better golf?

As for putting, I am reverting to the TaylorMade Spider Mini putter again. The Peanut Putter has not been kind to me with several three-putts during the rounds up North. So we’ll see, a tweak here and there to improve further.

A lighter bag it won’t be until my next outstation trip, but let’s hope the golf outing will be good. And I hope my putting will be better now that the Spider Mini is in the bag again.

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