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Goodbye 2018

31 Dec

What a year it has been! At the beginning 2018, never did it cross my mind that I would be facing many ups and downs, making it a truly eventful year. Top on the up trend has been my musings and followers, and my carvings for Gigglesville and Gnomie-wood. The cumulative number of 273 pieces carved consists of Citizens, Big Citizens, Monuments, Whales, Ocean friends, Apeach, Dinky the dinosaur, Gnomes and their homes. But there were no increase in the Superheroes count.

And worthy to mention also is my chase on Candy Crush Soda to reach 1000 Days on my iPad. To me, the daily launch just to get the Daily Bonus is an up trend to achieve that number. I just hope the device don’t die on me as I inch closer to my target.

On the home front, my two girls are all grown up with M1 in her Senior year at University and M2 ready for the next exciting chapter in her life, college-bound having completed high school. Time goes by so fast. Too fast I feel sometimes.

On the down trend, there were notable events too that could almost rival the good ones. These are mostly health-related issues and I must say are pretty life changing.

I was diagnosed with Infectious Colitis in February after a Colonoscopy and Endometriosis in April after a Laparoscopic surgery. Not good so I had to change my diet and lifestyle to deal with these issues. I gave up coffee, eggs, cheese and avoid certain food groups but alcohol and chocolate are still hard to resist. I lost weight as a result from this change which was good until recently, I added some back. Oh well…

However my physical problems didn’t end there…

My sports injury exacerbated and the diagnosis turned out to be a Wrist Tendonitis problem due to my constant carving besides golf. When you think about it, subjecting the wrist to the constant swinging of the clubs and hitting the ball is actually too much to bear upon impact with a weakened wrist. And golf is a non-stop 4.5 hours or thereabouts, thus aggravating the problem acutely. Whereas for carving, the time spent on it can be controlled. I can carve for less than an hour or sometimes three to six hours at a pace without pain that can aggravate the wrist.

So I stopped playing golf for ten weeks to rest the wrist, and did treatment and therapy which helped. Carving continued though but only as and when I have time.

An even bigger down trend is my iPhone5S. It is dying. I thought it would at least last until my birthday next year but the situation does not look good at all. The battery drain issue is just so bad, I find myself using the phone lesser and lesser. One charge can only last a quarter of a day if I even use it a little bit. Perhaps in retrospect, this is a good thing to be less device-dependent? Then again, I suspect this less device-dependency will change once I get a new phone. We shall see.

But I should not focus on the down trends to say life was not good in 2018. There were many up trends as well which I should be thankful for. And I have my friends to make me laugh and be happy, my carving to keep me occupied and contented, and my health is actually much better after those two main episodes.

So as I bid 2018 goodbye, I brace myself for 2019 to be an even more exciting year as there will be major changes, positive ones to look forward to. Thank you 2018, another year to remember by and to 2019, I welcome you with open arms.

The Last Session

18 Dec

Last week, I had my last therapy session for the Wrist Tendonitis and there’s good news and bad news. The good news is the tendon area has recovered well. I just need to continue with the strengthening exercises to ensure it’s strong enough for me to go back to playing golf next year.

Now the bad news. There was some tightness on the joint of the thumb! A new and unsuspecting development, stemmed from carving which I was doing extensively prior to going off to Penang. Sigh… I have to figure out the best balance and solution to this. Otherwise, horrors of all horrors, the carving has to stopped.

With Christmas around the corner, perhaps the carving can slow down or cease until the end of the year. We’ll see how it goes.

Ongoing Therapy

30 Nov

My physiotherapy is coming along fine despite it being just once a week. The therapist said there’s improvement but I must continue with the home exercises and she even added a new routine for me to do to strengthen the area which is still weak.

I have been mindful not to exert too much and strain the wrist and thumb when I carve. With two more sessions to go before the year ends, I think I should be fine by then. Otherwise I may have to extend another round of treatment. We shall see.


Plastered with orange KT Tape

Treating the Wrist Tendonitis

15 Nov

I finally got around to seeing a physiotherapist this week after consulting the sports doctor last week to treat the Wrist Tendonitis. It looked like the ‘damage’ is not that extensive although the left hand looked slightly atrophic. Gosh.

The tendon along the thumb to the wrist hurt only when probed. The rest and minimal usage has been effective although I must admit I have been carving but being very careful not to aggravate the situation.

Immediate measures to take besides rest are four sessions of ultrasound therapy within a month and regular strengthening exercises which I must do twice daily. And I should continue using the Acupuncture Meridian Pen for added self-treatment.

With these steps and proper care, healing and recovery will be faster. The good news is I don’t have to sit out the year from golf. Then again, with the weather being so wet until year end, I don’t think I am missing out.

For now, I should apply KT Tape to the affected area for support and at the same time protect the tendon from further injury. Otherwise I wear a wrist thumb brace which works just as well.

I am thankful this turned out much better than I had anticipated. Phew.


A Solid Return

19 Dec

Last Monday was a public holiday so hubby and I went to play golf. And we had the ‘bestest’ weather ever despite a constant downpour in the wee hours of the morning during this wet season. I thought we may have to cancel. Luckily the rain stopped and we teed off at 7.43am, taking the slot of a cancellation, eight minutes earlier than our intended tee off time.

Throughout the 18-holes, the weather was perfect – cool and cloudy. The sun did not even peeked out. Even the pace on the golf course was perfect, no flight in front of us to slow us down nor a flight behind chasing us to hurry on. I guess there were many cancellations when the morning downpour occurred. We had the most enjoyable outing and I must say it was a solid return to the game for me.

After all those months of rest and therapy, it has worked wonders. What made this game different from the few that I dabbled with after my doctor approved for me to play? The confidence in striking the ball well with no more fear of pain recurring upon impact. 

This positive mental approach was key and it showed. I played the game so solid, I raked up 6 pars! Never have I had 6 pars in a game in my home club ever. So this was quite an achievement.

My ball striking was good and every department worked out well – the strength, the distance, the short game and the putting. There were some fumbles due to lack of play but overall, I was very pleased with the outcome. The best part – the pain was none existent which was good. 

But I will not play any games for the remaining days left of the year because M1 is back and I’d rather spend time with her.

Well, it’s nice to keep this good outing to heart so that next year, there will be more pain-free games, something definitely to look forward to for 2017 after M1 goes back to the US. 

Out of Action

25 Aug

I finally did something about the constant pain in my left wrist because I can’t go on with one day of good golf and the next day, terrible golf. And the discovery was not good. Uh oh. Saw a sports doctor who advised me to take an x-ray just to be sure no broken bones because she felt a bone spur when she probed my hand. Uh oh.

The x-ray result came out good. Phew. No hairline cracks, so essentially this means the soft tissues. I have a slight tear in the muscle at the wrist area that is causing pain here, there and everywhere because everything is connected.

The first thing the doctor said, no sports or any stress inducing exercise that involves the hands. Uh oh. No golf in other words. And my gym sessions would have to change, no weights.

For a good 6 weeks! With some rest in between, I am looking at being out of action for two months. How will I survive?

And I have to undergo a treatment program to regenerate the tissues and enable the stretched muscles to recover. The treatment is a combination of ultra sound for deep penetration repair, manual massage therapy, radio frequency stimulation and bone realignment. 

I decided to have the treatment three times a week for the recommended 20 sessions which works out to be about six weeks, give and take a little.

Somehow this time, I am more accepting of the situation. It’s exactly the same problem I had  seven years ago, only more pronounced that has recurred and doing the same treatment to rectify. Back then I was reluctant to sit out for two months. This time, I will gladly do so to ensure no repeat again.

I started treatment yesterday.