Return of the Peanut Putter?

24 Mar

You would think that with the new TaylorMade Spider Mini putter, I would have superhero Spidey powers, and putting would be easy-peasy, right? After all the inconsistencies I faced with the Peanut and Scotty putters? Nope, the three-putt horror has returned!

After several games where it felt so good putting and only an occasional three-putt recorded, the streak has snapped. During the Tuesday game, it was the first where I three-putted four holes. Four holes! Unbelievable. The Spider Mini is the same as the Peanut Putter and Scotty Cameron in performance! So, in conclusion, it’s either the putter or the person. Pick one. Hrmph.

Then again, could it be a case of too much golf? Or perhaps, not enough sleep? Maybe a reset and reverting to the Peanut Putter again because Scotty is on loan to hubby? Hmm, we shall see.

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