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Painful Moments

14 Dec

What is worse than stabbing yourself with felting needles or carving tools? It’s slicing your finger with a blade. Shudder, ouch, and cry!

Yesterday I was at the office cutting some paper with a blade, and the accident happened. It was a bloody moment, literally. Stab pains by both my activity tools pale in comparison to this!

Snoopy to my rescue! 🥰

I am much better today, thank goodness. However, I cannot use my thumb to type on my iPhone as I usually use both hands. I hope this temporary disability is short-lived.

But I will stop the paper cutting for the time being and go about with pure design work on the Mac. As for felting, no stab pains will stop me from continuing this newfound enjoyable activity.

Of Snoopy and Happy Meals

21 Sep
My Snoopy World Tour series

I was cleaning out the closet last year and found a forgotten bag of Snoopy collectibles from my Happy Meal days. Ah, the things we did when we were younger.

McDonald’s meals are not for everyone for various reasons. But there was once, a long, long time ago, both hubby and I ate a lot of McDonald’s, particularly the Happy Meals as I wanted to collect the Snoopy figurine that came with it.

I adore Snoopy, and I would go to lengths to collect anything and everything to do with Snoopy. Even if this means eating Happy Meals, I will do it.

After that bout, there were other Snoopy series, but I stopped the Happy Meals. Now, during this pandemic and the various MCO phases, we did eat McDonald’s occasionally when we don’t know what else to eat, or I don’t feel like cooking. However, no Happy Meals choice since there’s no more Snoopy offered.

I Changed a Good Man

5 Aug

Last night, it was a rare evening with hubby, myself and M1 seated at the dining table, all engrossed with work. (M2 was upstairs continuing her Harry Potter marathon.) M1 was doing her homework, myself at Farm Heroes and hubby at his computer. We thought he was busy with work.

Suddenly, “Arghh! I just NEEDED a strawberry!” He growled.

M1 and I were taken aback. Why would he need strawberries for work? Then it dawned on us that he’s actually busy at Farm Heroes! Chuckle…

How did this happened?

Earlier that morning, I walked passed hubby who was seated in the TV room, diligently collecting coins from his Snoopy app, a game which I gave up a long time ago. I commented,“You need to play something more challenging than this. Collecting coins just doesn’t challenge you enough!”

“Try Farm Heroes,” I suggested.

And he did and got hooked. M1 accused me that evening I changed a good man while I thought I created a monster. Let’s see how long this lasts.