Oh My English

2 Oct

Local Chinese restaurants in Malaysia are awesome especially those that are family-owned. While their food and cooking are really good, the same cannot be said for their English to attract patrons.

These two restaurants that we have been to recently are perfect examples of what I mean.

I am not too sure what is a ‘Chicken Cute’ on the menu. Chicken Cubes? Then right above this category is another eyebrow-raising item: Hong Kong style pig Sharpei! Goodness gracious. Are they serving Sharpeis? It’s too hilarious and a challenge trying to figure these out.

Then at another restaurant, they had a banner at their entrance listing ‘Pork Crab’ besides Marmite Crab and Sweet Sour Crab, the last two being the cooking style. ’Pork Crab’ certainly does not sound like a cooking style. And we know there’s pork and there’s crab but ‘Pork Crab’? What is it?

After a while, I finally understood what it meant. It’s a direct translation from the Chinese phrase that actually meant ‘Meaty Crab’!

It’s always a delight to discover such places for their food and the unintended humour.

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