A Break From the Usual

3 Apr

Whenever we traveled up North to hubby’s hometown, we would stop at the same place and eat the same thing in Ipoh. You could say we are creatures of habit.

On this trip, we decided to break from the usual. So we stopped at Big Tree Foot (Dai Shu Geok) in Pasir Pinji instead. The last time we ate here was before the pandemic broke, four years ago, if I recall.

At the stop, we decided to try new food choices, deviating from our usual and typical. Suddenly, we are so adventurous. Hahaha.

We had Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun, something we hardly eat. It was very smooth and bursting with flavors with all the different sauces on top.

The mouth watering choices of Chee Cheong Fun (top left), porridge (top right) and Popiah (bottom).

And we also had Popiah, which was just as good. Rounding up the spread was a Pork Porridge with Mixed Innards and Iced Black Coffee each. Yum, so good. How come we never considered these choices before?

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