DIY Project #28

21 Mar

Soon after completing DIY number 27, I debated which miniature to work on because I had been hoarding a mountain of choices. I opted for the latest purchase ā€“ the Happy House because it looked so cute and fun to do. However, the minute I started it, I wondered if it was the right decision.

The latest project

The house is minuscule, and the parts, oh my goodness, tinier than my pinky nails! There was even a nozzle head replacement for the glue applicator. Doesn’t this show you how minuscule the set is? Deft fingers are not enough, but a fine nozzle is a must!

A fine nozzle applicator for the glue

I wouldn’t say it was a regrettable decision because I have never had a set unfinished. It’s the duration that irks me sometimes, taking so long. But I always complete what I start.

Tiny, mini, puny, can’t get any smaller!

My thoughts were bordering on the timeline to complete it. It could rival project number 25, which took six months and collected some dust. I hope this negativity of incompletion is just a passing-by thought and should not derail me. I will stay positive and get it done!

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