A Good Distraction

2 Feb

Last weekend I was very tired mentally. I didn’t have the energy to do anything. In fact, I didn’t want to do anything. Is cabin fever getting to me?

This round of lockdown is getting to me despite coming to an end by Thursday. But will the MCO be lifted come 4 February? We will find out soon.

The garden is almost complete with the landscaping effort, and project number eleven is at the tail-end. I needed a distraction to snap out of this negative mindset. So I created a distraction for myself by stacking stones collected from the garden.

The stones were left aside at the moment because of our efforts to redo the garden. And I was honestly having fun with them.

The first balancing act that started it all

It was a good distraction as I discovered the act of stacking stones is similar to life. You have to find the right balance for things to work. It was an enlightening moment.

I guess my balance was off, hence, the unhealthy predicament. I am much better now, thank goodness.

By Sunday, I was having a blast!

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