DIY Project #11

1 Feb

DIY project number 11 started right after number ten was completed. This set is very different from the others that I have done. It is a camper van! A very cute one too.

Project number 11, a camper van

The set is also different in terms of materials used. Typically, the DIY projects that I have worked on use wood, fabrics, wires, and paper. This one combines the usual and cardboard! The cardboard comes in two variations – an 800 gm (or thereabouts) white-based board and a 300 gm brown-based cardboard. Interesting.

Top: the various paper materials, bottom: comparing the thickness of the brown and white cardboards

So far, the project is coming along well. I decided to customize this set too. The main thing that received a makeover is the color of the van. The original pink color is now a turquoise blue. I think it looks fab. I am sure I will change a few more things along the way.

But the wiring work. Oh my goodness! So intricate and looks dreadful. I hope I can overcome this trepidation and get it right. We shall see.

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