Is It A Sign?

14 Aug

Recently I started playing two new games, Age of Solitaire and Solitaire Cooking Tower by Sticky Hands Inc. I like the first one because it has funky music. Very rare to have nice jazzy pieces from such games. As for the second one, I am into it to see how high I can build my tower; currently I have six floors and my seventh floor is at 33% to completion.

Both games are a refreshing change from my usual candy games. Yes, I am still at them candies. But there is a hitch to my new entertainment.

My iPad.

It has been acting up, being laggy and always quitting mid-way through a round on either games. And it’s not just under-performing with these two apps, sadly even reading the news on Safari is too big a task for my poor iPad. Let’s not even go into the exasperation I have to deal with when it comes to Candy Crush Soda…

It’s like the device can’t cope with the speed of the internet or my deft hands, thus giving up on me at every opportunity. Is this a sign my iPad Mini is nearing its end? After all, it is almost six years old. And any device that can last this long is surely a miracle. My poor iPad.

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