The Biggest DIY Set

30 Nov

Friends have asked me what do I intend to do with all the DIY miniatures that I have built? Well, for one, they are collecting dust! Seriously, for now, the sets are everywhere. Two are on the lazy Susan in the dining room and the rest on the table in the living room. I need to find a place to display them without the added dust.

Two weekends ago, hubby and I went to IKEA to buy a display cabinet. Now, as everyone knows, IKEA products all come in a flattened box or boxes, especially the bulky items, like a display cabinet. We need to DIY things ourselves.

I have to find the time to set up the display cabinet soon. And hubby will, of course, help because this DIY set is the biggest by far to do.

The Detolf display waiting to be DIY-ed

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