DIY Project #7, Part 2

27 Nov

I made short work of DIY project number seven, the tea parlor. In less than a week, five days actually, I completed the set. But it wasn’t as easy as anticipated.

The tea parlor

There were problems and unclear instructions, but generally, nothing too hard that I could not overcome. To my surprise, there was an additional piece of instruction paper that I almost missed out. Then several decorative scrolls were not mentioned where they should go on the set. So I didn’t use them. And the teapot and cups had come glued already on the table! Eeesh.

Vague instructions and several unused pieces

Some instructions were vague and almost none as far as placement goes for the furniture pieces. It didn’t make sense that the outside display shelves were blocking the entrance to the shop. The picture of the completed set on the box cover is so deceiving. I decided to eyeball their placement, creating some space, and I felt this was much better, space-wise.

A small gap between the outer shelves and the main display counter

I must say the overall set is not well thought out. There was no hole on the back wall or gutter channel for the wires to go through. I decided to make one so that they do not hinder the roof from aligning to the walls properly. And there was no proper space allocated to hide the battery pack. It merely said, place the battery pack behind the set! Exposed and not hidden at all. Wow. All my other completed projects had a discreet place for this essential item.

Terrible wiring plans and I had to improvise

However, I was pleasantly surprised that there were real tea leaves provided. I had to seal the display counter properly once the tea leaves were in place.

I could smell the tea

All in all, I didn’t feel challenged working on this set, a pity. But I am glad I got this done and out of the way. I can now start on the more challenging project number eight, which is The Study set. This one will take time. But I look forward to the challenge ahead.

Project #7

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