They Gotta Wear Hats!

27 Oct

Out of the blue, I decided that my Citizens of Gigglesville should wear hats! I don’t know why but I suddenly developed an urge to sew or make hats for them. It would make them even more cute than what they are now.

I even bought some tiny fluff balls with the intention of making some Santa hats for them. But I have failed miserably because I couldn’t even get the cone shape of the Santa hat right. I won’t give up though.

Then a brilliant idea hit and I didn’t even have to make anything!

My citizens now don sombrero-like hats, made out of fruit nettings! Hahahaha….. it’s just cuteness overload. I had so much giggles ‘dressing’ them up and taking snapshots. Clearly only Citizen #53 was not amused by the session. Hahahaha…..

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