More Tools, Part 2

24 Oct

Package one of two arrived last Friday and the diamond files are much longer than what the website picture showed. I guess I didn’t see the measurements listed properly. 

Hubby laughed when he saw them because he said they look similar to dental instruments, being angled. Well, I think they will be put to good use especially with all those angles to tackle tight crevices.

And package two, which was shipped separately after I received notification on Friday, arrived yesterday. Yay. Like the first set, this second set of diamond files are also longer than its picture on the website.

Again, hubby laughed at them because he half expected the set to have mirrors, complementing the dental-looking first set. Hahaha….

Anyway, I don’t know why I need so many of the same thing. The more the merrier? We shall see how the end result of new citizens when these new tools are put to use.

The first set

The second set which is longer than my existing mini files

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