Online Shopping

12 Sep

As you know, I am not an avid shopper. Put me in a mall for hours, I would be drained of energy and feeling super lethargic. I simply cannot stand the noisy crowd, the screaming kids and the lack of oxygen in an enclosed environment.

However, sometimes a trip to the mall is necessary but only to buy and do the necessary. No window-shopping excursions in other words and I avoid those mega-sales extravaganzas like a plague.

Recently, this dinosaur discovered the joys of online shopping! No crowds, no kids, no lack of oxygen and at the comfort of my space, it’s kinda nice. And thrilling to a certain extent when I am able to find something that I like and need.

It’s not that I am talking about but a local portal, It’s truly mind boggling what one can find on there; a true definition of a one-stop for all your needs.

But I am selective. Most purchases are things at a great bargain and useful like a bean bag and golf club covers or even useless, like the fidget spinner which I still don’t get it until now.

My most recent purchase, a set of carving tools to complement my existing set, will definitely be a useful one to grow my Gigglesville township.

I look forward to the package arriving.

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