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Five, Seven or More?

25 Sep

So we had another long three-day weekend and as planned, I carved. This began on Thursday night itself with the creation of Citizen #86. Then on Friday, I was on a roll, three more Citizens came about!

By Saturday, I was so pumped up, I did a totem pole of three Citizens, honouring three species. I called this the Landmark of Gigglesville.

But now, I am in a fix. Does it count one or three, after all it has three Citizens one on top of another. With four done up on Thursday and Friday, how does this add to the count?

Hubby said it should be a Monument because it aptly commemorates the birth of Gigglesville, and I ought to serialize it too. Having said that, the Superheroes, the ‘O’ Mobile, the Mayor, Wanderlust Owl, the pets and E.B. (Evil Buster) were not serialized like the normal Citizens, they have names instead. And this whole lot adds up another ten to the tally!

Prior to the Monument, a new Superhero was also created plus a new Adventure owl several days ago but both are still work in progress. So in essence chronologically, I have actually surpassed the 100th mark; the Monument being the 103rd piece of Gigglesville because the first totem pole that started this all must be counted as well.

WOW. It’s certainly not five or seven but more!

Work in progress for these two

The towering Monument of Gigglesville