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What a Show Off

16 Jan

I was at the hair salon last Friday to get a haircut in preparation for Chinese New Year and there was this lady, sitting on the opposite side and being such a show off in her conversation.

Yes lady, I heard you when you bragged loudly about the gemstone you intend to purchase.

Yes, I heard you when you asked if the stone was 12 carats and gushed about the color and clarity of it.

Yes, I also heard when you praised the vendor for the quality of the gemstone yet complained that the price was exorbitant.

Gee… There was no one else besides me and my regular hairdresser, you didn’t have to speak so loudly to let me know. Unfortunately I heard you loud and clear even though I did not want to.

Any person doing something like this should just be discreet. Openly bragging would just invite trouble.

Who was she trying to impress? Certainly can’t be me? I should have plugged my earphones in to drown out the conversation. It was distracting my reading the gossip tabloid about the UK Royals.

When I was done and at the counter to pay, there she was again, at my side, talking loudly. This time it was about a 15-carats stone.

What an obvious show off.