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Joy Again

12 Jan

We found out recently when M1 was back, that our latest pet Tuna the crayfish is a boy. Luna the previous one was a girl.

The Food Science student was able to identify the crayfish anatomy because she had taken a class that required her analyzing crayfishes. One evening we were just admiring Tuna, and M1 looked closely at its underside before pointing out that Tuna’s a boy! We were surprised.

I must say after Luna’s demise (for her gender, M2 and I did checked on the internet and can confirm she was a female), we did not bother doing the same when we acquired Tuna 1, 2 and 3. We just assumed they were females.

As there was aggression between the three and quick deaths that followed, checking the gender was the last thing on our minds. And so it was left in assumption that Tuna was a female.

Gender aside, Tuna has brought us joy again. He may not be as orange-looking as Luna (different species most likely) but he is quite a character and just as enjoyable to observe.


Always flaring the claws


Picky about his food. Leftovers on the bottom left


Doing a Spidey act