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Happy Birthday M1

19 Jan

Today our M1 turns 20. My goodness, 20. I am speechless. When I was 20, I was in college, probably pulling in long hours to finish my design assignments but definitely having the time of my life, away from Mom and Dad.

Well, what goes around comes around? The firstborn is away at university, probably pulling in long hours to finish some Food Science assignment but definitely having her time of her life, away from her Mom and Dad.

Every year when the girls’ birthdays come around, it makes me ponder about what we have accomplished for them and with them or just their accomplishments alone. No different this year…

I am very proud of our firstborn for what she is today and how matured she has become – a wonderful and responsible adult. But no matter how grown up she has become, she will always remain my baby.

Happy birthday my dear. Love you to the moon and back!