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Goodbye App?

9 Jan

After playing Jackpot on Facebook for so long, the app announced at the beginning of December last year that it will be taking the app off come January 1st 2017. Awww… I was devastated.

I have been a loyal Jackpot player since its inception eight years ago. And for all my effort, I am proud to say I climbed up the ranks and was #20 among the group of players from all over the world. And on December 18th 2016, I finally made progress, coming in at #19. 

It’s one mindless game that I somehow enjoy. There’s no need to think or strategize like the other virtual games that I indulge in.

But it is January 9th 2017 today and the app is still up and running! Maybe there is still time to make further progress to chase down the pack.