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3.45am Tops It All

21 Feb

What’s worse than waking up at 5.30am for golf? Waking up at 3.45am for golf! Yes. This tops it all – the 5.30am, 5.00am and even 4.30am in the past.

Over the weekend, I did just that, waking up at 3.45am. It was a day trip from my Club to Ipoh for an Interclub match. With the tee-off scheduled at 8.00am, naturally our entourage had to start the journey early, like in the wee hours of the morning at 5.00am.

But we left the club only at 5.15am and arrived after the two and a half hours bumpy bus ride. With 15 minutes left before tee-off, the tee-off had to be delayed slightly for us to have a decently paced breakfast without choking. And after a quick group photo session, everyone’s off onto the fairways.

It was my first time playing at Royal Perak Golf Club. The past few trips to Ipoh for golf and food, RPGC was somehow never on our agenda. Well, there’s always a first time.

It’s a scenic course with lots of trees, short old ones and tall ones too. The fairways were generally narrow and very undulating. One has to be accurate and straight when teeing off to have a good second shot opportunity. Our flight mates were very serious and good golfers. My partner—another Club member, not hubby—and I totally lost out to them in terms of the golf course knowledge and management.

Did we have a good game? Err… well, I wore my new Adidas shoes and it felt very comfortable. No pruned toes. And I laughed a lot because I felt I was playing jackpot and not golf, raking up several 7s in a row on my scorecard! It’s one of those days that you cannot do anything else but just laugh at yourself.

The Interclub match saw our visiting team losing out to the host team by only four points, 998 to 1002 with a Four Balls, Best Ball format for scoring. Oooh.. ouch, so close. I am sure revenge is on every members’ mind when we host them for a return match in the near future.

We headed home immediately after the luncheon and prize presentation. And in the blink of an eye, another Sunday went by so soon.


Goodbye App, Part 2

6 Feb

I guess the day would eventually come. After all, the developer gave us fair warning that by 1st January 2017, the app would taken off.

I have been seeing server this error script since Friday upon launching Jackpot Slots on Facebook. So for real this time? My only regret is that I did not see my final last points scored properly. Oh well.

To be in the Top 20 is good enough I suppose. Goodbye app, it was fun while you were still online to be played. I will surely miss you.

Goodbye App?

9 Jan

After playing Jackpot on Facebook for so long, the app announced at the beginning of December last year that it will be taking the app off come January 1st 2017. Awww… I was devastated.

I have been a loyal Jackpot player since its inception eight years ago. And for all my effort, I am proud to say I climbed up the ranks and was #20 among the group of players from all over the world. And on December 18th 2016, I finally made progress, coming in at #19. 

It’s one mindless game that I somehow enjoy. There’s no need to think or strategize like the other virtual games that I indulge in.

But it is January 9th 2017 today and the app is still up and running! Maybe there is still time to make further progress to chase down the pack.


Hitting the Jackpot

9 May


I confess. Besides Candy Crush, Zookeeper Battle and Farm Heroes, I play the Jackpot in Facebook. A year ago, I decided to chase the game’s leaders and try to break into the top 50 in the world. Why? Just to test myself and see if I could do it. I figured if other Facebook users can have their names on the list, why not me? So diligently, I would spin the jackpot every single day without fail. Days when I travel, I’d enlist the girls to help just spin the wheel for me. It’s almost a crazy obsession but the key was to be constant on a daily basis.

So a year ago, I was trailing the 50th player listed by 4 million. Yes, I kept a tracker! A gargantuan task but I have been chipping into the gap consistently, slowly but surely. And you know what? Exactly a year later, two days ago, I broke into the Top 50! Yeehaw….

It feels great when you have achieved something. Persistence does pay.