Mixed Feelings

11 Oct

It was encouraging when I went to the driving range last Thursday night. So over the weekend, I decided to take a step further and played nine holes. It felt good!

There were definitely some distance issues but like I said, this problem can be fixed. Overall, I was pleased. However, a new problem crept up. I cringe thinking about it. It’s my knee this time. Thank goodness we took the buggy instead of walking the whole nine holes.

There was pain, sometimes excruciating when walking on uneven terrain and this does not look good. And to confirm my fear, last night during gym, I just couldn’t do certain routines involving the legs. Sigh…

Speaking of gym, the hands and upper body worked fine. I was back to using my usual four pounder dumb bells. And was even doing some upper body routines on the weight system. But the knee…

I am having a follow-up therapy this morning and will be discussing this new development with my doctor. Sigh…

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