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A Sleep-in Day

6 Feb

It’s a Monday, a public holiday, and a rainy day. The weekend has stretched yet again to a three-day, with today being a replacement public holiday.

It is perfect for a sleep-in with the cool weather and doing nothing, and the thought of working on my miniature pales to the lure of the sofa. The Weather app is showing a rainy day until this evening. Going out feels like a hassle with the wet condition. So it looks like staying put is best.


I Could Get Used to This

26 Jan

It was another three-day weekend (the first being the New Year stretch) as yesterday was a replacement holiday for Thaipusam which was celebrated on Sunday. But going somewhere is just not viable especially when it is only two weeks away to Chinese New Year. So we went about doing our stuff over the three days.

I got most of my Chinese New Year preparation done, played a round of golf, had a massage, went shopping and basically enjoyed the three day break with hubby and M2. M2 completed her art assignment, reproducing an existing packaging and I think she did a good job!

I also caught up with my virtual games, bull-dozing my way from Level 1460 (Divine Diner, Episode 98) into Dessert Desert for Candy Crush and 844 for Monster Blasters. However, still stuck at Level 854 for Farm Heroes, 603 for Soda and 56 for Jelly. But I’m not worried. 

Come next week, we will be having yet another three-day weekend because Monday is another public holiday. Back-to-back three-day breaks! I could get used to this. Am pretty sure those stuck levels will be a thing of the past by the time next weekend comes along.


We get to eat the Kit-Kat after this!


Celebration After Celebration

3 Feb

Today is yet another public holiday, celebrating Thaipusam, but it feels like a weekend because we lined up activities that we normally reserve for the weekend. We did not want to stay in Penang until today knowing we will be caught in a big traffic jam upon our return, hence the journey back yesterday.

The next big festivity coming up is Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year. It is approaching fast and there isn’t much time left to prepare for it. I should be doing my New Year shopping but as always, am procrastinating. It’s the same every year, Queen of last minute.

I may go fight with the crowd this coming weekend to settle the preparations once and for all.