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Suddenly It’s Too Big

23 Jul

Last year we planned some family time with M2 before she went off to Ireland to study. Since we decided on a beach outing in Penang, I dug up my old Sunseeker bikini. But guess what? As it had not seen much action the last few years, the rubber had hardened, thus no more elasticity and was out of shape. I was aghast, my favorite set.

So instead of fixing it (there wasn’t enough time), I decided to buy a new set but something different that came with underpads for the top piece. Now this was in December before I knew of this 16/8 diet.

Towards the end of February this year, I started the 16/8 diet and it’s been almost five months that I am at it and have lost weight generally, save for the couple of pounds gained lately due to a disrupted eating schedule. Two weekends ago, I pulled out the new set to try them on because a beach trip is coming up soon. And guess what? This time, the new set felt at least one size too big now because I, err… couldn’t fill them up!

Well, I certainly don’t want to grow back into it, now or ever, so I may have to buy yet another set (without underpads) or perhaps get the rubber fixed up on my old favorite set. We shall see…


Serenaded by Bull Frogs!

5 Oct

We came back to the villa, serenaded by bull frogs. I must admit, even for me, I have never heard such an orchestra, let alone both my city girls. There’s at least five to six of them and they sound like they are blowing horns.

Despite the rain that has washed out the last three days of our time in Krabi, we have enjoyed ourselves immensely without hurry and worry. A time to be treasured, I would say Villa Thalanena has been extremely pleasant. My Sunseeker bikini unfortunately never saw the sun and I remain uneven in my tan lines. Perhaps the next trip, we have to be more mindful of the weather. But until that happens, I am glad we did this trip as a family.

Tomorrow we leave this place with happy memories but we will definitely be back again because we still have that island trip to do, remember?