DIY Project #29, Part 2

6 Jun

DIY project number 29 is coming along slowly. I’m okay with the pace because I’m simply taking my time. There have been distractions, but good ones, like going away for the weekend to hubby’s hometown. And then, of course, there were the golf games. But all in all, I’m pleased with how the project is progressing.

All the itty bitty pieces

The biggest challenge is working on the sofa chair, as fabric materials are hard to handle. Now, I cannot don’t do the sofa chair because it is the main piece of furniture in this little layout. Just have to be positive to get it done.

The big sofa challenge

A Welcomed Holiday

5 Jun

I thought this month we would not have any public holidays to enjoy after all the long stretches in May; well, I thought wrong! Today is a public holiday, being the King’s birthday. Long live our King!

It’s also a welcomed opportunity to recuperate from yesterday’s tediously long drive back from hubby’s hometown. After this, it’s back to the grind and daily routine.

Oven to Oven

2 Jun

We are back in hubby’s hometown for the weekend. And it’s like from one oven to another. Sigh.

On a brighter note in this unbearable heat, I am sweating buckets and getting rid of my water retention. I’d like to think at the same time, my body fat is being melted away too. Hahaha!

Bunker Horrors

30 May

Golf is one funny and challenging game. When you think you are playing well, it goes downhill. Then there are all sorts so woes from the tee to the green. There will be the usual chipping yips, putting issues, and sand bunker shots.

Last week’s game was an eye-opener. The replacement driver turned out better than expected, which was nice. But it was the bunker horrors that put a dent in the overall game. I have not played sand bunker situations for a long time already. Generally, I avoid them and tend to do well managing myself out there.

But last week, it was a different script. I went into eight bunkers, hitting five in a row on the front nine and raking up nine shots to get out. What had just happened? It was as if a magnet was pulling my balls into the bunkers! It wasn’t aggravating anymore but plain ridiculous, and I could only laugh about it. How else to deal with the misery?

One thing for sure, I had left my Cleveland Smart Sole Sand Wedge out of my bag, thinking I hardly use it for my games. And it was usually the case, hardly used. But after that episode, the club was back in my golf bag!

A Pleasant Discovery

29 May

Last week, I used an alternative driver because my driver was loose at the joint and needed repair. And it was a pleasant discovery with the XXIO Prime SP-900 driver. Although it is longer than my lady driver, being a men’s club, I handled it well.

The best part was the distance that I was able to achieve. Effortlessly, I could hit 10 to 30 meters longer than my regular club! Wow! I never knew an unexpected change in equipment would yield such results.

Perhaps I should consider having this club in the bag instead of my usual XXIO MP-900 lady driver because, with the extra distance, subsequent shots are easier with more club choices to use. Hmm, what a pleasant discovery.

Downward Slide, Part 2

26 May

After several days of rest, I hit the golf course yesterday. It has been too hot to stay home and be a sloth. The heat and humidity bites at the skin, making it very uncomfortable.

But it was an afternoon game, and I was expecting the worse. Luckily, there was enough wind to cool down the body. Anyway, it was the company and camaraderie that I wanted to have instead of staring at the computer and having designer’s block.

Sometimes it is not the game but the people and friendship. So there wasn’t too much walking and golf, but rather, laughter and chatter.

Separately, I discovered a possible problem with my game. My driver has a gap at the joint between the head and the shaft. My goodness! It is a miracle the club head is still intact upon contact for the past several games.

A loose driver head!

Could this be the reason for my recent downward slide? Most of my tee-offs have been short lately, thus, making the subsequent shots harder. I did notice this gap some time ago but took no heed of it. However, with my recent slide, I questioned everything, and this came to light.

So I used a different driver for yesterday’s game while the problem club was being fixed and recalibrated. Hopefully, after the adjustment, I can tee off well again with my regular driver and subsequently play better golf. Keeping my fingers crossed on this. But until then, more rest to manage the plantar fasciitis on the foot.

Free Rice

23 May

There’s no free lunch in this world, but there is free rice! For the past several months, I have been playing this game on Lazada, my local online shopping site, and the game gives out a kilo of free rice upon completing the harvest. Isn’t it wonderful?

The game is called ‘Free Rice’ and is easy to play. Just water the crops daily to harvest 15 bags of rice. That’s it! Nothing fancy, no challenges to test your skills, or anything tough to tackle.

I just completed the task again this morning, and my second bag of rice is on the way, shipped free of charge! Whee.

A kilo of free rice!

Downward Slide

22 May

Lately, I have been on a downward slide in my golf game. It is disheartening. It is not like I don’t know how to play the game. I suspect it is the state of the mind. Sometimes some things are unexplainable, and this is one of those times.

Perhaps playing so much is not good but detrimental instead. I have picked up a new injury along the way. This time, it is plantar fasciitis of my right foot. And the pain level differs each time; obviously, it hurts more when I walk too much.

And when it hurts, it affects the concentration and state of mind. It becomes a domino effect, and I start a downward freefall. Everything falls apart, from the tee-off, and fairway shots with any club, to the short game and putting. It is demoralizing and aggravating at the same time. Sigh.

Barely a month ago, I was playing good golf. But now, I cannot hold myself up to complete a decent round of 18 holes. I need to manage my pain and control my state of mind to stay focused. Otherwise, I should consider taking a break from golf to rest and reset.

DIY Project #29

19 May

After procrastinating for days, I finally mustered enough energy to start DIY project number 29. The unbearable heat is taking its toll on me to be a sloth and do nothing. It is not healthy.

Project number 29

So project number 29 is from the same series as project number 27. It is a slightly bigger set than number 28, which was minuscule. Although there are even larger sets to work on, I’m avoiding them now. My Ikea display cabinet, sadly, has no more space to display the big units. Oh well, time to buy another display cabinet!

Luckily, number 29 came with dust covers, just like number 28, so I can display it anywhere upon completion. I only hope my pace will not stutter due to the heat. Onwards with crafting my miniatures!

A Beautiful Pineapple

16 May

A week ago, the latest pineapple was almost ready for harvesting. It needed a few more days to go, but hubby was worried that the garden squirrels would get to it. So he quickly harvested the fruit. However, we had to let it sit in the kitchen to fully ripen before eating it.

The trick to ensure the fruit ripens well is to hang it upside down and let gravity do the job to aid the process. So far, it is going very well. As each day passed, I could smell the fragrance of the pineapple whenever I walked past the cabinet where we hung the pineapple. Mmm, so wonderful!

See the string?

In a day or two, we should be able to savor the aromatic pineapple harvested from our garden. Lovely.