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My Baby’s All Grown Up

2 Jul

Last Saturday my M2 turned 17! My goodness, where did time go? Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was still breast-feeding her? And here she is all grown up, 17 years old. Sniffle…

We celebrated with Mom with a simple dinner and the most awesome Lava Cake.

We are truly blessed that our youngest is turning out so sweet, sensible and responsible especially towards her obligations (education), following her sister’s footsteps. Although proud parents we are of her, she is still our little baby. Happiest happy birthday indeed, my all grown up baby. Love you to the moon and back!


The chocolate came oozing out like lava and it was oh so good!

She Talks Too Much

2 Jul

When M2 started talking, it was such a joy for us. Our little one is growing up fast and learning quick. But M1 thinks otherwise, “Quiet la. So noisy!”

“You keep quiet for 2 minutes, I will pay you 10 cents, ok?”

Such sisterly love.