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New Objective

16 Jul

I thought I needed to set a new objective all over again as far as the 16/8 diet is concerned. Although I gained only a pound from the recent US trip, the weight fluctuated the last two weeks and hoovering mostly on the up side. It felt like a set back–my Uniqlo jeans was a tad too snug–gaining weight back home and not from the vacation. Ugh.

There could be several reasons for this, number one being my leftover jet lag and number two, my eating habits.

The first week when I was back, I was eating breakfast when normally I don’t. By the second week, this need was overcomed but I found myself eating more and bigger portions for the two meals that I ate. Hmm…

Then last night, I went to the gym despite a cough developing. But it was a good workout as I sweated the excess water retention. And this morning as I stood on the digital bathroom scale, the weight has gone back to normal. Yay.

Having said that, I still have to be disciplined and have an objective. With my eating schedule back to normal, the new objective should be about fitting into another outfit rather than that Zara dress that I wore for M1’s Commencement.

A Lovely Surprise, Part 2

28 Feb

I am really loving my new iPhone XR. Why didn’t I change earlier and subjected myself to such aggravation with the battery issue of the old phone?

The best feature so far for me is the Face ID and swiping upwards to unlock the phone without having to fuss keying in the password. And I don’t miss the Home button, something I once dreaded I couldn’t do without.

Oh… and I don’t have to carry a power bank anymore! No more worrying about the phone dying on me as it can last almost three days after a full charge with my usage pattern. Three days! So cool.

As for the size of the phone, hmm… I am still adjusting to get used to it because this is a like/don’t like issue.

I like it for the big screen size because it makes reading easier. But being bigger, it’s cumbersome to hold. And bigger means heavier, it is not comfortable to keep in the pocket of the pants. And if I wear my Uniqlo jeans, it sits in the most awkward position in the front pocket, poking me in all positions. So most times I put the phone in the handbag but this then adds weight to the handbag. Sigh…

Also being bigger, the phone is now a two-hand operation device. I find myself preferring to use both hands instead of having the keyboard moved to one side to type. Seriously, some adjustments to get used to with this giant.

But generally, there’s more positives––the interface, the battery lifespan and other cool stuff––to this upgrade and I have embraced them well enough. In time, I will forget my old once-reliable iPhone5S which is now retired to the bedside.

I must admit though, there are some nights I find myself holding it out of nostalgia and wonder in amazement how did I managed with this minuscule thing and its screen for the past five years?

I Ain’t Heavy, I’m Just Obese!

4 Dec

Yesterday, I was at a new hospital for my annual checkup. The doctor whom I see annually has relocated to this new establishment and as such, being a new patient there, I had to register. He’s a good friend as well as being our doctor, hubby and I would consult him on health matter wherever he practices.

To get my record started up, my vitals had to be taken. And as I stood on the weighing scale, the reading showed an additional five kilos, I was horrified!!! I’m like, “Whh-aaattt?!” Not only I am heavy, I am obese! Just earlier in the morning, I stood on our bathroom scale and the reading was definitely five kilos less.

How could I have put on five kilos when I fasted the night before and during the hour-long journey to the hospital with a rumbling tummy, obviously empty and hungry? A discrepancy of a kilo or two may be possible but five? Unbelievable. Or has my bathroom scale been lying to me all these years? Hmm.

I’d like to believe the clothes are the culprit here. But then again, are my clothes that heavy? They’re Uniqlo jeans and a Liz Claiborne shirt, both light material and comfy wear. I did not remove my shoes though but the light weight Skechers can’t be that heavy too. Maybe I shouldn’t be too upset about the whole thing because I know I certainly ain’t heavy nor obese.