We Say Goodbye

29 Dec

Vacations are fun when you’re living it and enjoying every moment. But sadness kicks in when you know it’s ending and you have to come back down to earth and reality. After four days of gastronomic adventure and fun-filled experiences, we say goodbye to Ho Chi Minh City today. 

I find that doing a 5D/4N trip has been rather ideal versus a 4D/3N. With an extra day, we can cover so much and the schedule is not so rushed. One can pace their itinerary and still have enough time for rest to recover.

It has been a truly wonderful time especially for the girls to see and experience–for their first time–the Vietnam culture and life. And the food… Oh, the glorious food! Not as spicy as Thai food, one can get used to having Pho and a grilled meat everyday. 

It will be yet another leisurely paced morning before we check out by noon. As we fly back to our country later this afternoon, these moments will be cherished forever. So goodbye Ho Chi Minh City, thanks for the great time!

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